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Deformation, Rheologie und Tektonik


Hentschel, Felix

Janots, Emilie

Seybold, Lina

Trepmann, Claudia


• Earthquake geology at hypocentral depth and below: shear zones
• Transient deformation during the seismic cycle
• Deformation and metamorphism
• Deformation processes in subduction zones
• Impact geology: shock effects


• The geological record of the lowermost tectonic unit of the Cretan nappe pile in the Talea Ori, Crete, Greece - the deformation history during burial and exhumation (DFG project TR 534/5-1, 01.03.2016, Lina Seybold, Emilie Janots, Claudia Trepmann)
• Deformation behaviour of feldspar in greenschist facies granitoide shear zones (DFG project TR 534/4-1, 01.01.2016, Felix Hentschel, Emilie Janots, Claudia Trepmann)
• Shock effects in Ries crater breccias
• Basal thrust fault, Silvretta crystalline nappe, Switzerland
• DAV strike-slip fault, Pfunderer mountains, Italy
• Ragga-Teuchl fault, Kreuzeck mountains, Italy
• Pfahl mylonites (Bavarian forrest)
• Granitic-pegmatitic mylonites in the Montagne Noire, France