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Tectonics Lab

The Tectonics lab is equipped with several Macs and Windows PCs for graphics and computer modeling. The lab layout allows users to have maps and other project materials at hand, with large tables for working with paper maps, map drawers, and closets for samples and thin sections. A high-resolution projector is available, so that maps from the electronic map collection and finished 3D models can be displayed directly on the wall. The room also contains one stereo microscope, one reflected-light microscope, and one transmitted-light microscope, to allow users to do routine checks of thin sections that are part their project. A 3D printer is also part of the lab setup.

Geological Remote Sensing/3D Modeling Lab

This lab is equipped with several PCs running either Windows or Linux OS for data processing and 3D modeling and visualization, a Linux/Windows workstation, wide-format integrated scanner/copier/printer (110 cm width), wide-format laminating machine (60 cm width), high-quality A3 flatbed scanner, large cutter, and a small drone suitable for outcrop scanning (DJI Mavic Mini).

The lab is used by members of the Geological Remote Sensing Group, and also by students who are carrying out small research projects (Studi_forscht@GEO), and Bachelor, Master, or PhD theses under the supervision of group members. It is also used for courses that require the use of software that, for licensing reasons, cannot be installed in a CIP pool (e.g. the 3D modeling software SKUA-Gocad, or the structure-from-motion software Agisoft Metashape).

Some examples of 3D outcrop models scanned with drone and processed in the lab using structure-from-motion software are shown below (click on image to load model, click in its lower right corner to see it at full screen, click on author's thumbnail to access full model iinformation).


Software available in the labs:  SKUA-GocadTM, Agisoft MetashapeTM, ArcGISTM, GlobalMapperTM, MatlabTM, PetromodTM, ERDAS IMAGINETM, software for manipulating raw data collected using the terrestrial laser scanner, software for processing GPS data, graphics editing software (including editing for 3D printing).

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Last updated: 25.05.2021