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Processes of dolomitisation in Precambrian stromatolitic carbonates: Microbial and diagenetic constraints from microanalytic studies

To me the most fascinating research on stromatolites is “Precambrian enigma of bacterial mineralisation”

The problem is related to the evolution of life in the Precambrian. The studies of stromatolites in China began quite early. In the twenties of the last century, Chinese geologists noticed the presence of stromatolites in the Precambrian and their potential significance in biostratigraphy (Cao et al., 1934).

My primary idea is to combine the problems of biomineralisation with the dolomitisation of microbial communities in carbonate environments. This research also may be extended to origin of life and reconstruction of the ancient environment of the Earth. I believe that this further research on dolomite and stromatolites has certain values and would make a contribution to the frontier of geology and origin of life.