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Klemm, Dietrich

Prof. Dr. (i.R.) Dietrich Dankwart Klemm

29. Januar 1933 - 02. Oktober 2020


Geochemie und Lagerstättenkunde

Geochemistry and Economic Geology


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Curriculum Vitae


1953-1955 (Univ. Frankfurt/Main: Science, BSc: Geology, 1955)

1955-1958 (Univ. Heidelberg: main line: Mineralogy)

1959: Dr. rer. nat. (supervisor: Prof. Paul Ramdohr)


Professional Experience

1959-1960 (Geologist: Geol. Survey of Hassia, Wiesbaden)

1960-1961 (Postdoc.: Dept. of Mineralogy, Univ.Heidelberg)

1961-1964 (Researcher: Dept. General and Applied Geology and Mineralogy, Univ. Munich)

1964 (Habilitation, Priv. Docent)

1965-1969 (Univ. Docent for Applied Mineralogy)

1969-1973 (Associated Prof.)

1973-1998 (Head of Section “Geochemistry and Geology of Mineral Deposits”, Dept. of General and Applied Geology, Univ.Munich)


Scientific activities in Economic Geology

1959-1973 Geological-petrographical mapping in Odenwald mountain land. Later continued with students (12 MSc-thesis, 2 PhD-thesis)

1959-1974 Experimental investigations of complex sulphide systems (1 PhD-thesis)

1963-1973 Microanalytical investigations of natural sulphide systems with the new developed electron micro probe (2 PhD-thesis)

1968 CNRS-guest-lecturer at Sorbonne University/Paris

1963-1973 Synthesis and analysis of solid solution equlibria in spinel-systems of chromitite and magnetite occurrences. Construction of an equipment for measurement of intrinsic oxygen fugacity of spinel-phases with the aim to reconstruct conditions of formation of magmatic chromitite-deposits (2 MSc-thesis, 4 PhD-thesis).

1968-1977 Petrographic mapping and prosecution of sulphide-deposits in the central Alps (12 MSc-thesis, 3 PhD-thesis)

1975-1992 Economic-geological prospection and mappings for SB-Hg-deposits and iron-sulphide-deposits in southern Tuscany/Italy (31 MSc-thesis, 5 PhD-thesis)

1979-1985 Economic geological mappings and investigations on chromitite- and Ti-magnetite-deposits in Eastern Bushveld Igneous Complex/S-Africa (6 MSc-thesis, 3 PhD-thesis)

1978-1981 Geochemical-petrographical investigations of Precambrian metasediments in Nigeria and calculation of their ore deposits potential (2 PhD-thesis)

1979-1994 Investigations for banded iron ore (BIF)- and manganese-deposits in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa (3 MSc-thesis, 4 PhD-thesis)

1995-1997 Geological mappings and prospecting in the late Archaean western Transvaal Supergroup of South Africa (3 MSc-thesis)


Scientific activities in Archaeometry

1977-1983 Field campaigns together with Rosemarie Klemm for systematic investigations of ancient Egyptian quarry areas and sampling of antique monuments for petrographical and geochemical provenance determinations in co-operation with the Egyptian Organisation of Antiquities

1976-1998 Development (together with Rolf Snethlage) of a scientific laboratory for restoration and conservation of building material in ancient monuments in co-operation with the Bavarian Office for Conservation of Monuments (5 MSc-thesis, 6 PhD-thesis)

1986-1987 Two field campaigns for systematic sampling and analysis of the ancient Egyptian pyramids of the Old Kingdom between Abu Roash and Meidum (provenance determination of the building materials)

1989-1993 Four field campaigns for investigation of ancient mined gold occurrences in the Eastern Desert of Egypt between latitude 22 and 28 (2 MSc-thesis, 1 PhD-thesis)

1996-1998 Two field campaigns into NE-Sudan for investigation of ancient mined gold- and copper-occurrences (3 MSc-thesis,)

1997-2001 Chairman of COLLEGIUM AEGYPTIUM; an association supporting Egyptology in Munich

1999 Third field trip into NE-Sudan for final investigation of ancient mined gold- and copper-occurrences (2 MSc-thesis)

2001-2004 Co-editor of international Journal: Archaeometry, London.


Editorials, books, honors

1981-1992 Managing editor of the international journal of mineral deposits „Mineralium Deposita“

1984 Editor (together with H J Schneider) of the book „Time- and Stratabound Ore Deposits“ Springer Verlag, Heidelberg

1986-1992 Head of the section „Archaeometry and conservation of monuments“ of the German Mineralogical Society

1993 Book publication together with Rosemarie Klemm: Steine und Steinbrüche im Alten Ägypten.- Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 465 pp.

1995 Honorary member of the „Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits“ (SGA)

1997-1999 Chairman of the German Research College for Mineral Deposits

2008 Book publication together with Rosemarie Klemm: Stones and Quarries in Ancient Egypt. - British Museum Press, London, 354 pp.

2010 Book publication together with Rosemarie Klemm: The Stones of the Pyramids (Provenance of the Building Stones of the Old Kingdom Pyramids of Egypt).- German Archaeological Institute Cairo, De Gruyter, Berlin, New York, 167 pp.

2013 Book publication together with Rosemarie Klemm: Gold and Gold Mining in Ancient Egypt and Nubia/Sudan. - Springer Verlag , Heidelberg etc. 649 pp.


You find the publication list on this link.

Since 1998 retired from University duties.