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"Maria Ogilvie Gordon" Geologic Map Collection



Geologic Map of the Dolomites of Cortina d'Ampezzo and Cadore, by Maria Ogilvie Gordon (1934). This map collection is named after Maria Ogilvie-Gordon who became the first female at the LMU to be awarded a doctoral degree in 1900. She is known for her contributions to the geology and paleonotology of the Dolomites (southern Tirol).


Stefanie Rieger


The Geologic Map Collection is located in the Maria Ogilvie Gordon Room (Room B 105, Luisenstr. 37).

The map collection of the Geology Institute serves as a non-public collection, primarily for scientific purposes, with special consideration for research and teaching at the University of Munich.
The documents in the collection are mainly maps and map notes, atlases, books, audiovisual and electronic data storage.

In principle, all members of the Faculty of Geosciences of the LMU Munich and of the Munich GeoCenter are allowed to use the map collection. In particular, employees of the Geology Institute are authorized users.

Students have to identify themselves with a valid student ID. Their justified interest can only be confirmed by their lecturers or the supervisors of their bachelor, master or specialist thesis.